CHW Recently Tours Rocky Mount Mills
CHW Recently Tours Rocky Mount Mills

CHW Recently Tours Rocky Mount Mills

On April 19, 2018, several members of CHW took a trip over to Rocky Mount to meet with Rocky Mount Mills Development Manager Evan Covington Chavez in order to discuss progress of our work, future directions, and what CBC has planned in terms of programming and public spaces. We toured the site, which is quite a busy construction zone. What a difference between April and October! October was the last time we toured the property. Then, the mill interior was empty and cavernous. Now, the frames for the apartments are up, a new parking lot is being built, the hydroelectric generator room is cleaner, and new windows are going into the future event space.

Another purpose of our visit was to examine the contents of CBC’s storage room, which contains a lot of material they pulled from the mill and the mill village. What treasures! The rooms were stacked full of prints, machine parts, antiques, manuals, and file cabinets full of who-knows-what. We were unable to access a significant portion because there was stuff behind stuff. These materials are likely candidates for inclusion in the Rocky Mount Mills Records at the Southern Historical Collection at UNC.

View of the mill exterior and water tower
In the middle of construction


Mill interior showing its wooden beams and new apartment frames
A look at the steel frames
A little graffiti on one of the mill’s wooden beams
Part of the hydroelectric mechanism

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