Community Histories Workshop
Sharing Memories and Stories

Sharing Memories and Stories

During the past two years, we have spoken with numerous former Rocky Mount Mills workers, their families, and other community members with stories to tell about the Mills. We initially focused on what we called “Closing Stories”—memories and stories from the last years of the mill’s operation in the 1990s. We would still like to talk to former workers about their memories of working at Rocky Mount Mills and those that lived in the mill village. Additionally, because of the slave genealogy component to this project, if you are a descendent of a slave owned by the Battle family, we would love to speak to you as well!

If you are interested in participating, please email us at or Rocky Mount Mills project coordinator, Nicole Coscolluela at

Once we have recorded your stories and memories, we will use them to make digital exhibits where you can hear, read, see, and learn more about the history of Rocky Mount Mills. In the meantime, we’ll post updates and other information on our blog.