Help us identify a person, place, event, or just share a memory about this digitized home movie (originally shot on 8mm film) from 1939! It was shot by previous mill superintendent M. G. Frye, and donated to the State Archives of North Carolina [ask for MPF.114] in 2007 by his grandson, Robert G. Frye.

We placed prompts throughout the video which appear with each new scene, and stop the video. You can use the play and rewind buttons to review a clip. If you have information to share, please fill out the form below and don’t forget to give that timecode number! Then click play again to continue. If you’re identifying people and you know one or more in the image, identify people as they appear on the screen from left to right, such as “second from left” and so on. Use the same method to point out a business, building, house, street name or any landmark. Then don’t forget to click on “Submit.” And gosh, we really do thank you so much for contributing your valuable knowledge!

See the little number in the right bottom of the video player.

created by Melissa Dollman