Community Histories Workshop
Associated Projects

Associated Projects

The Community Histories Workshop grows out of and is constantly informed by the work of its current and former members.

Survey of a school in Fairfield, SC, in 1931, valuing the property. "Negro" is printed at the top.

Mt. Zion Project — Winnsboro and Fairfield County, South Carolina were home to one of the earliest and most important schools in the South: Mt. Zion. As a team prepared to repurpose the school’s building for county offices in 2019, members of the CHW partnered with local groups to help integrate the building’s history into its new iteration.

Color photograph of a wooden board with several old street and road signs on it.

Walnut Hill — Walnut Hill is a 405-acre former farm in the Shotwell community of Wake County, about twenty miles southeast of Raleigh, and it is now part of the Triangle Land Conservancy’s Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve.

Screenshot of a map of North Carolina with different colored dots on it.

A Red Record — A Red Record documents lynchings in the American South, starting with North Carolina. The title, A Red Record, is drawn from Ida B. Wells-Barnett’s work by the same name and is intended, in a small way, to recognize Wells-Barnett’s remarkable courage and commitment to justice.