Community Histories Workshop

Community Histories Workshop

Recovering. Preserving. Sharing.

Dorothea Dix Hospital History

For centuries the landscape of Raleigh has been dominated by one feature: what is now called Dorothea Dix Park. Previously, it was the state's first and primary insane asylum.
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Rocky Mount Mills

For 200 years, the site of the Rocky Mount Mills in Rocky Mount, N.C., has been a defining feature of the community’s natural and built environment.
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Digital Loray

Digital Loray curates the long, complex history of Gastonia, North Carolina’s iconic Loray Mill, and the surrounding mill village, using digital tools and technologies to tell human stories.
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About Us

Established in 2016, the Community Histories Workshop (CHW) works with local communities to recover, preserve, and share the memories, stories, and materials that reflect the multi-layered histories of place. By helping to connect past to present we believe that communities can envision more just, inclusive, and democratic futures. Learn more about us by reading our statement of principles.

Since July 1, 2017, the CHW has been a program of the UNC Center for Urban and Regional Studies.

The roster of CHW participants will grow and change as the workshop’s agenda develops.

Core Team

Emma Stout
Graduate Resarch Fellow

Abby Wooten
Undergraduate Research Fellow

Partners and Contributors

Dr. Susan Burch
Visiting Scholar

Rocky Mount Mills: From Adaptive Reuse to Community History

The DIL's 3-year investment in  community history and archiving in Gastonia turned out to be one of the most ambitious public humanities project undertaken by... Read More "Rocky Mount Mills: From Adaptive Reuse to Community History"

On Marginalia and Annotation

Annotation as a kind of reader commentary has been around for centuries and has been applied to ancient and religious as well as literary texts. ... Read More "On Marginalia and Annotation"

Mark O’Connell, The Marginal Obsession with Marginalia

"The Marginal Obsession with Marginalia" By Mark O'Connell The New Yorker Jan. 26, 2012 “In getting my books,” Edgar Allan Poe wrote in 1844, “I... Read More "Mark O’Connell, The Marginal Obsession with Marginalia"